Fox Anbu Mask

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  • Design with traditional Japanese symbols
  • Hand-painted mask by our craftsman
  • Choosing a quality and durable acrylic paint
  • 9 x 5.9" (23 x 15cm) adult size
  • Smooth Pvc mask and elastane cord so that the Japanese mask can be worn by everyone
  • Defy nature with this Fox Anbu Mask with supernatural magic powers

    This red and white mask matches the Japanese flag. Traditional masks like this one are generally used in cosplay and fashion. For an authentic look, you can wear it with a kimono haori jacket.

    It's the perfect outfit to blend in with the festival landscape and pass incognito.

    Among all the supernatural beings that exist (yōkai), the fox is the best known. There are thirteen versions of kitsune in total! They vary according to the natural elements: sky, fire, seas and oceans, mountains, forests...

    Here is some advice on how to wear this kitsune fox mask...


    💯 Whatever your element is, this kitsune mask will adapt to your size. The elastic allows the mask to adjust to everyone.

    💯 As for the acrylic paint, it guarantees a long-lasting and quality hold. You can go there with your eyes closed!

    💯 We advise you to wear this white and red fox mask with a traditional Japanese outfit, such as a light kimono, a yukata, a hanten or a happi

    Between two and four days

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    🌐: Fourteen to twenty five business days

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