Japanese Festival Kimono

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This long white kimono for women flaunts the soft and feminine symbols of Japanese flowers

Known for their delicacy, the flowers of Japan decorate Zen gardens and are celebrated every year during hanami. This spring festival brings together a large number of Japanese people to celebrate the flowers in a festive atmosphere.

This kimono, traditionally used by geishas during tea ceremonies, is seen today as an authentic Japanese garment that has even crossed borders to other countries. You too can wear it during a fancy dress party for example.

Its red floral patterns will match perfectly with your lipstick. You can even add a touch of femininity by adorning your hair with a kanzashi comb. It will raise your hair and reveal your pretty face.

Once made of silk, satin and gold thread, the traditional kimonos have given way to cheaper but equally comfortable materials: cotton, elastane and polyester. There is no doubt that these treasures of Japan remain comfortable to wear.

How to wear a Japanese kimono?

Here are our fashion recommendations so that you can wear your Japanese kimono with style and accuracy:

  • 💯 Step one: refine your traditional geisha look by choosing an obi belt that matches the color or pattern (or both) of your kimono. Add a Japanese fan, foldable or not, and a small furisode bag
  • 💯 Step two: if you like this flowery blue kimono, you might also like this japanese kimono anime. So, you will be able to tune your accessories according to your Japanese outfit and change it according to your desires
  • 💯 Third step: always close your kimono in the same direction. The left side of your Japanese garment should always fold over the right side
  • If you wnt to see more design... Have a look to the Japanese Kimono Dress collection for a traditional geish style

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