Japanese Kimono Designs

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Spruce up your dressing room with this authentic and colorful bohemian kimono for women

The symbols represented on this flowery kimono evoke ephemeral beauty. Flowers are celebrated during hanami. This Japanese festival takes place every year in Spring. It honors Japanese flowers in a friendly and festive atmosphere.

Historically, the kimono was worn at tea ceremonies. This practice is inspired by Zen Buddhism. Here, a practitioner serves tea according to traditional rules. These events bring together a handful of people and take place in almost sanctimonious calm.

Get inspired by this Japanese tradition and invite your friends to drink tea in a cosy atmosphere. Of course, you can wear this traditional kimono for this occasion. Your guests will feel honored. You can even tell them the story of the tea ceremony!

Japanese Kimono Designs

Here are some fashion tips for how you should wear your traditional women's kimono perfectly

  • 💯 If you want a more austere geisha style, look at Japanese summer kimono
  • 💯 Have a look to the size guide to help you
  • 💯 To perfect your traditional japanese kimono, we recommend you to wear a wide obi belt. You can find one with a knot already made

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