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Put on this Japanese print for men, it will offer an authentic Japanese touch to your interior

Originally, woodcut ( Japanese print ) was inspired by Ukiyo-e art. It is an artistic movement that represents the image of the floating world. This spiritual concept originates from Buddhism.

Ukiyo-e art developed in a district of the city of Yoshiwara, during the Tokugawa shogunate (feudal dictatorship). This entertainment venue, made up of brothels and kabuki theaters, was much appreciated by the middle class of the time.

This Japanese painting depicts a samurai man dressed in traditional dress. On his left shoulder, there are two spiritual faces illustrating the good and the bad. Iris flowers (shoubu) symbolize confidence and courage.

  • Package includes a Japanese print replica
  • The design is made on a 100% cotton canvas
  • The decorative canvas is packed in a tube for easy delivery

Here are some tips for adopting Japanese decor :


💯 For a successful decoration, remember to measure the dimensions of the place where you will hang the Japanese canvas before ordering it.

💯 Supplied without the frame, you can add one if you want to add a traditional touch to this wall art .

💯 Canvas canvas is ideal because it is easy to handle and light: you can hang it without difficulty or put it on a sideboard or chest of drawers.

💯 The second positive point of Japanese canvas is its material: cotton preserves the depth of the colors and gives a nice matte finish.

💯 Complete your home decor with a depiction of a rising sun fighter. The samurai painting will be perfect to Japanese your apartment.

💯 If you want to discover even more canvases inspired by the ukiyo-e, take a look at our collection of Japanese print . It consists of numerous replicas of woodcut .

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