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Wear this pair of Japanese men's shoes with the discretion of the shinobi ninja

These Japanese geta are highly appreciated in the land of the rising sun thanks to their many secret virtues. They improve back posture and preserve the natural inner balance.

This pair is perfect for a traditional look with a men's kimono or a haori. You can also choose to wear them for a samurai costume at a manga convention or a Japanese event...

This pair of Japanese shoes is also perfect with modern outfits: cargo trousers, hoodie, t-shirt over size, etc. Comfortable and lightweight, they are excellent indoor shoes.

  • Size : 38 to 46
  • Height : approx. 3.5 cm
  • The “dai” : sandals carved from raw wood, solid and lightweight
  • The “hanao” : the strap is wide and made of cotton. Design with Japanese motifs
  • The non-slip coating : rubber material under the platforms

How to choose your Japanese sandal? Follow these few tricks...


💯 We invite you to choose geta sandals larger than your usual size. The ones we offer are Japanese sizes.

💯 For a more formal style, we advise you to wear these wooden geta with white cotton tabi socks and Japanese kimono men or women.

💯 You can also pair them with Western clothing or modern Japanese outfits for a more casual Japanese look.

💯 We put at your disposal a complete collection of Japanese geta. You will find several models of sandals of different styles and colors



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