Japanese Sukajan Jacket

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This Japanese Sukajan jacket is decorated with a venerated Japanese dragon: a fiercely respected and honored emblem of the land of the rising sun

About 50 years ago, Japanese biker gangs appeared. These young rebels used to customize their motorcycles and make their exhaust pipes roar with sound. They inspired current day fashion, half-streetwear half-biker that is wreaking havoc in Japan today.

This japanese bomber jacket is ideal for a mid-season look as it has both a dragon and seasonal sakura flowers. The dragon is the most worshipped animal in Japan and is a true symbol of wisdom and strength.

Whether it's an evening in with friends or at a family dinner, this short and light jacket will work well with all your outfits. It's the ideal piece of clothing if you want to feel both trendy and comfortable.


  • 💯 All of the patterns embroidered on this jacket have been inspired by the notorious Japanese dragon Ryu!
  • 💯 We advise you not to wear your Japanese bomber jacket when it rains
  • 💯 We suggest you wear your sukajan jacket with raw denim, a pair of sneakers to match the jacket and a hoodie with laces for an authentic and timeless streetwear look"

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