Japanese Traditional Mask

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  • Material of Japanese mask: resin
  • .
  • Style: Oni Japanese folklore, Hanny mask
  • Size: 11.8" x 7.9" (30cm x 20cm)
  • Look at this traditional Japanese mask inspired by the oni demon Hanya

    Hannya is a yurei : according to Japanese tradition, the death and disappearance of the body envelope do not necessarily mean the ascent to heaven. This is the case of this woman betrayed and reincarnated as an avenging demon with sharp horns and teeth.

    This oni demon is very present in Japanese culture. It can be found on the Nô theatre stages, in the Matsuri festivals or embodied in films and manga...

    Will you dare wear this mask of the vengeful spirit ? Be careful not to leave your soul there... For advice on wearing this Japanese mask, find our recommendations in the tutorial below...

    💯 This festival accessory will look great if you go to a festive event where many people are walking in disguise.

    💯 If you are looking for a manga character accessory, put on the kitsune mask : its enchanting powers will protect you from the evil spirit of demons.

    💯 To tune this Japanese mask, we recommend choosing a casual kimono, a pair of comfortable geta sandals and a belt to dress up your outfit.

    💯 Ideal for going to a fancy dress party or Halloween, this red and gold mask will hide your true identity from other guests.

    💯 To discover all our models, visit the Japanese mask collection: we offer a wide selection of samurai accessories, animated characters and oni demons.

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