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Add some color to your outfit with this pair of tabi socks for women

Tabi socks are the essential accessory of a traditional Japanese outfit. Wear them with strappy geta sandals. These socks are perfectly adapted because they have a separation of the big toe. That's why the Japanese have been wearing them since the 15th century!

The patterns printed on this pair of Japanese socks refer to the kawaii style. This is a trend stemming from the student protest movement in the archipelago. It uses childish and colorful symbols. The mascots are the Pokemons, Hello Kitty or even the Kirbies.

Try them out and you'll see, you won't be able to do without them anymore!

  • Material : elastic cotton
  • Style : Kawaii
  • Size : 35 to 41
tabi-tuto socks

Here are some tips and recommendations for wearing kawaii socks:

🇯🇵 First of all, know that the Japanese are very much on the edge of the presentation. It has to be beyond reproach. That's why you have to be careful not to mismatch your socks when you wear them. That would make a very bad impression.

🇯🇵 On the look side, the advantage of Japanese socks is that you can match them according to your style. We recommend that you wear white socks with traditional attire. For the streetwear look, bet on color reminders, very trendy. With a cosplay costume, we recommend matching tabi socks with geta or zori sandals.

🇯🇵 Enjoy great comfort with these high-top Japanese socks . They are designed to be antiperspirant thanks to a breathable material that absorbs sweat. And what's more, they're anti-friction. Definitely, they really have everything to be loved!

🇯🇵 To find all our models of socks with separate toes, go to the socks collection Japanese. Our team has selected the most beautiful pairs to have in your wardrobe. Have a nice shopping!

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