Ukiyo-E print
Ukiyo-E print

Ukiyo-E print

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Invite the Ukiyo-e into your living room with this print reproduction from the Edo period

Ukiyo-e is the art of imagery of the floating world. It has known three major currents, the first of which took place during the Edo period, in the 1600s. At that time, two types of representation could be distinguished.

The paintings were rather intended for the aristocracy and the print ( woodcut ) was acclaimed by the merchant class. Inspirations included geishas, courtesans, kabuki theater actors and some landscapes.

This replica of Edo painting is called Bijin-ga: painting of pretty women. This emblematic figure of feudal Japan was very often represented in art, and they marked prints for about 300 years. It was the artist Utamaro who made the most of them.

  • The package contains a replica of the Japanese print
  • The print is made on a canvas canvas which has the advantage of being 100% cotton
  • The Japanese canvas is rolled in a cardboard packaging in a tube for total protection during transport

Here are some tips for flawless interior design :


💯 We advise you, before ordering the wall canvas , to choose a location at eye level and measure the dimensions.

💯 The replica print does not come with a frame but you can buy one to bring a touch of authenticity and tradition to the portrait.

💯 Very easy to handle and handle, but also extremely lightweight, this decorative canvas will find its place in a living room, bedroom or office.

💯 Canvas has many advantages such as giving depth to colors, avoiding reflections and having a very long duration over time.

💯 If you are looking for a work in 3 parts, opt for the samurai painting from the battle triptych. It represents the first part of the sequel and symbolizes a fighter attacking.

💯 Discover all the replicas of works from the Edo period through our collection of Japanese prints . You can choose the canvas that will join your interior from a wide selection of unique representations.


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