Traditional Japanese Kimono Robe

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This long Japanese kimono for women will accentuate your silhouette with its elegant T shape.

The Japanese pattern of the white Camellia flower (tsubaki) symbolizes the desire 💞... When you choose to wear a Japanese women's kimono, you should know that each symbol has its own meaning. Even the length of the sleeves can be an indicator of the relationship status of the woman who wears it!

The kimono is not an ordinary garment you see on every street corner (even in the land of the rising sun). It is an iconic garment worn by Japanese geishas. Traditionally, the Japanese kimono dress is worn for graduation, at tea ceremonies but also for weddings.

The style of this kimono is authentic and classic and is made using Wabi Sabi stylization. The fabric is delicate and comfortable thanks to its straight T cut. To wear it as a Geisha's cosplay suit or for a Japanese evening, here is some advice...

How to close a traditional Japanese kimono

Tutorial on how to wear a kimono like a Japanese woman

  • 💯 Opt for size S if you measure between 1m 55 and 1m 65! Size M will be suitable for women over 1m 65! Don't hesitate to look at the size guide for more information
  • 💯 To finalize your outfit you can add accessories like the model on the pictures. Wear a folding fan, Kanzashi hair jewelry, or an umbrella. You can also add a pair of wooden sandals and Japanese Tabi socks
  • 💯 For a more striking set, we recommend an authentic Japanese kimono dress This traditional Japanese kimono is ideal for a casual outfit
  • 💯 This Geisha women's outfit is worn by folding the left side to the right side. Be careful not to make a mistake because the reverse is reserved for the deceased

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