A beige cotton t-shirt from Tokyo. Screen-printed on the fabric with Japanese symbols such as the great wave of kanagawa, the maneki neko cat, kanji and No theatre masks.
This outfit is a tokyo japan t shirt. It is a casual t-shirt with Japanese Kanji motifs, the great wave of Kanagawa. 100% cotton, white T-shirt
the neo tokyo t shirt is printed with japanese kanji motifs, the great wave of kanawa, japanese masks and the lucky cat maneki neko
A beige Japanese tokyo-shirt made with quality cotton
Neo tokyo t shirt is printed with Japanese kanji symbols, the great wave of kanawa, japanese masks and the lucky cat maneki neko
This Tokyo t-shirt material is printed on fabric with traditional Japanese motifs such as Kanji, the Japanese wave and No masks.

Tokyo T-shirt

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Immerse yourself in the heart of Tokyo with this T-shirt featuring symbols of Japanese culture

This Tokyo T-shirt is an ode to Japanese urban style, perfect for those who want to embrace streetwear fashion while sporting iconic Japanese symbols. Featuring prints such as the lucky cat Maneki Neko, traditional theater No masks, expressive kanji, and the famous Great Wave of Kanagawa, this T-shirt is a true display of Japanese culture.

Available in three colors — Khaki, Red, and White, it offers flexibility to match your style while remaining comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. Japanese streetwear shirt that captures the essence of Harajuku style, ideal for fans of Japanese fashion.

  • 100% brushed cotton T-shirt
  • High-quality silk screen printing
  • T-shirt for men or women
  • Package containing a T-shirt with a color of your choice

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