Geta Totemo
Geta Totemo
Geta Totemo
Geta Totemo

Geta Totemo

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We love this pair of Women's Geta Shoes

The design of this sandal is inspired by the style of Japanese geisha of the Edo era. These beautiful women are Japanese artists. They are dressed with a Japanese kimono, an Obi belt, a kanzashi comb and zori or geta sandals.

The sandal has a flat sole. It is an excellent mix between traditional Japanese culture and Western culture...

  • Size : from 35 to 40 (depending on stock available)
  • The geta has a height of 3,5cm
  • The “dai” : body of the sandals is made of solid and lightweight wood
  • The “hanao” : the strap for wearing the “geta” is made of thick cotton for added comfort. The design is floral or homogeneous for a unique Japanese style
  • Anti-slip rubber coating has been added to the sole to prevent slipping


💯 We recommend taking a pair of zori with a size larger than your usual size...

💯 To better wear your geta sandals, do not hesitate to tighten them with the hanao straps...

💯 If you want a wooden sandals with other patterns or colors then take a look at our complete collection of Geta ... Complete your dressing room like a Japanese geisha ...


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