A Japanese woman is wearing a Kimono coat Women. The hanten is fastened with an Obi belt.
This girl is dressed with black Kimono Coat For womens. The Japanese coat is a kimono jacket with a belt around the waist. The cotton fabric is thick and
For a traditional look, wear a Black kimono Coat Womens. Japanese cotton coat with a finished belt to fasten her kimono jacket.

Kimono Coat Womens

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Enhance your style with the Kimono Coat Womens, a sartorial work of art

Discover the essence of Japanese fashion in our Kimono Style Coat, a garment that gracefully combines tradition and modernity. This black coat, a symbol of elegance, transforms every outing into a refined style statement.

Inspired by traditional cuts, this kimono coat is distinguished by its elegant side fastening, held in place by a slim obi belt, enhancing the silhouette with finesse. Its long cut, reminiscent of traditional Japanese jackets, floats gracefully, offering a noble, distinguished look.

Here's why this Women's Japanese Coat is a must-have:

  • Superior Quality: Crafted from materials chosen for their durability and comfort, this coat is a companion of choice for all occasions.
  • Sophisticated Colour: Timeless black provides the perfect backdrop for colourful accessories, allowing for a multitude of elegant combinations.
  • Unique Design: The Black Kimono Coat is a tribute to traditional craftsmanship, while remaining rooted in a modern aesthetic.
  • Incomparable comfort: The cut and fabric of this Hanten coat have been designed to offer optimal comfort, allowing you to feel comfortable while remaining elegant.

Sizes are based on the Japanese standard. We advise you to choose one size larger than your usual size and to consult our size guide.


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