Haori Harajuku

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Immerse yourself in the colorful world of Haori Harajuku, where traditional Japanese heritage meets the exuberance of Tokyo

The Haori Harajuku is an essential piece of a Japanese wardrobe. This kimono jacket captures the vibrant essence of Tokyo's iconic neighborhood. The colors of the fabric reflect the diversity and originality of the Harajuku neighborhood, and cloud patterns are inspired by the famous Ukiyo-e designs

Historically, the haori was a jacket worn over the kimono, adding a layer of sophistication and elegance to traditional Japanese dress. Today, Haori Harajuku is transforming this tradition into a contemporary fashion statement, while maintaining the essence of its origin.

Haori Harajuku features:

  • Diverse Inspirations : Cloud patterns, inspired by Ukiyo-e art, meet the vibrant colors of Harajuku, creating a unique and captivating
  • look.
  • Respect for Tradition : While innovating, this Japanese haori maintains the lines and structure that honor its
  • heritage.
  • Comfort and Style : Designed to combine aesthetics and comfort, this Haori Harajuku will accompany you elegantly on all your adventures
  • .
  • Adaptability : Perfect for a touch of color in a formal event or a touch of elegance in a casual setting, it fits any environment

Sizes are based on Japanese standards. We recommend ordering one to two sizes larger than your usual size.

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