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Embark on the world of Haori Streetwear, where traditional Kumo patterns meet the vibrant energy of urban style

Haori Streetwear represents a daring fusion between Japanese tradition and contemporary streetwear culture. This haori jacket, decorated with Kumo cloud patterns, embodies a style that is both timeless and decidedly modern. In Japanese art, Kumo clouds often symbolize movement and transformation, perfectly reflecting the dynamic spirit of streetwear


Haori Streetwear features:

  • Kumo symbolism : Kumo cloud patterns are more than just an aesthetic detail; they are full of meaning and history, bringing depth and character to the jacket
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  • Mix of Styles : The encounter between streetwear style and the traditional haori cut creates a garment that defies categories, offering versatility and
  • uniqueness.
  • Comfort and Durability : Designed to stand the test of time and trends, this haori jacket is as comfortable as it is stylish, accompanying you in all your urban movements
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  • Adaptability : Perfect for a touch of originality in a formal event or for a style statement in everyday life, this jacket is the ally for all your adventures
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Japanese sizes, we recommend ordering one to two sizes larger than your usual size.

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