Haori Yukata

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Haori Yukata: The Elegance of Japanese Tradition at Your Reach

Discover the Haori Yukata , much more than a simple jacket, it is an invitation to travel to the heart of Japanese culture. This garment, a true symbol of elegance and refinement, carries with it the history and traditions of a country where every detail counts.

This Japanese Haori jacket is meticulously printed with patterns of Japanese cranes and Kumo clouds, iconic elements of Japanese art. Cranes, considered birds of happiness and longevity, symbolize grace and nobility. Kumo clouds, on the other hand, are renowned for representing strength and movement, evoking the constant evolution of lifeEach Haori Kimono is the result of meticulous work, aimed at creating a unique piece that envelops you in comfort and beauty. Here's what makes this Haori Yukata a must:

  • Exceptional quality : Made of 100% polyester, ensuring strength and durability at any time.
  • Precisely Printed Patterns : Thanks to a state-of-the-art 3D digital printing technique, each pattern is reproduced with astounding precision
  • Unisex : Designed to be worn by everyone, this garment transcends gender, bringing style and elegance
  • to everyone.
  • Absolute Comfort : Unparalleled softness of the fabric for maximum comfort, without any discomfort.

The sizes are based on the Japanese standard. It is advisable to choose a size larger than your usual size. For more details, please consult our size guide. Embrace Japanese culture, carry the story, choose the Haori Yukata.

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