Fashionable Japanese-style sandals, suitable for various occasions. Sakura pattern and handmade geta with quality wood

Japanese Style Sandals

$58.99 USD
Fashionable Japanese-style sandals, suitable for various occasions. Sakura pattern and handmade geta with quality wood
Japanese mens style sandals, designed for both comfort and elegance
Kimonoshi Japanese style sandals, ideal for wearing with traditional kimonos. Wood material and japanse sakura flowers pattern
Old style Japanese sandals, preserved pieces from cultural heritage
japanese zori anti slipper made with caoutchouc and quality wood

Japanese Style Sandals

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Adopt a traditional Japanese look wearing these Japanese wooden flip-flops

Are you a fan of cosplay, kimono, or manga? Then take a look at this pair of wooden sandals. This pair of traditional shoes is ideal for a samurai or geisha outfit. They can be worn with a kamishimo (traditional samurai clothing), men's hakama, haori or hangi (a kimono jacket).

The Japanese wooden geta sandals are the must-have accessory for all Japan lovers! Wear them in winter with a pair of Tabi socks or barefoot in summer...

  • Dai: the body of zori sandals is made of carved wood
  • Hanao: the strap for wearing โ€œgetaโ€ is made of thick fabric
  • Anti-slip coating: is made of rubber to prevent slipping

Check out the tutorial below to find out how to wear your Japanese-style shoes properly.

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