Japanese Accessories

Japanese accessories are essential for adding a geisha or samurai style to a traditional Japanese outfit. Some accessories are even indispensable and part of strict and authentic kimono dress code. First of all, know that there are two main clothing styles to which you will be able to add an accessory from Japan:

  • The geisha style 
  • The samurai style

In this little tuto, you will find our recommendations and tips to sublimate your Nippon style. We will give you all our tips and tricks to immerse yourself in this world of Japan that we love so much!

How to embellish your traditional outfit with a Japanese accessory

Japanese accessories come to embellish your clothes whether you wear a modern and trendy outfit like a long dress, a classic t-shirt, a hoodie, or a traditional kimono! To get a trendy Japanese look, you first need to determine the style you want to sport.

1. The geisha style

Geisha are very famous artists in the Land of the Rising Sun. They have been inspired by their beauty, the greatest artists of the modern era! Geisha and their apprentices (maiko) must follow a strict Nippon style of dress.

If you want to have a Japanese geisha woman costume in your wardrobe or own a cosplay costume in an authentic Nippon style, here are some tips.

To adopt this style, there are different types of items and clothes you can wear including:

The Japanese Kanzashi comb: this accessory from Japan is placed in the hair to hold the hairstyles of geisha! Some Kanzashi are considered true artistic jewelry!

The Japanese fan: it is essential during the summer Matsuri festivals! We advise you to choose a Japanese fan foldable making a color recall with the colors of your Japanese kimono. For a more casual look, wear your fan with a yukata kimono or a women's Japanese jacket! The fan was worn by geisha but also by shogun warlords! Today men wear it as an accessory during Japanese weddings!

Japanese fox mask: Yurei ghosts, Kami gods, Oni demons, Tengu or the vengeful deity Hannya or Yokai phenomena influence Japanese pop culture. To go to some festivals, wear a Kitsune mask.

This is a Japanese god in the Shinto religion. Japanese people wear this traditional mask to parade in the streets during the summer of Matsuri to thank the gods! It is a trendy, timeless Japanese women's and men's accessory that inspires the greatest manga like the shonen Naruto for example (the Anbu mask)!

Obi belt: this is the essential accessory to belt the waist of women's and men's kimonos! We advise you to choose the same embroidered or printed pattern for the color of your belt, your tabi socks, and the strap of your Japanese sandals! Please note that the Obi knot requires a little bit of learning!

2. Japanese Samurai Style

Japanese warriors have been known throughout the world for centuries. These valiant men are reputed to be fighters with courage and a strong sense of honor. They went to the battlefield dressed in Japanese armor and masks that were called mempo...

Japanese demon mask: to sport a Japanese samurai style, wearing a kimono is not enough. In order to stand out, wear an Oni mask. This Japanese male accessory was worn to scare enemies during their Dantean confrontations!

The Japanese Oni mask is also worn as a theater prop! Traditional theater masks are true works of art that have different facial expressions depending on the shadows, light and angle they are viewed from!

Irezumi Tattoo: Japanese temporary tattoos are also inspired by Japanese deities. This is a great accessory for all lovers of Japanese culture!

Tabi socks: if you want a samurai (or geisha) cosplay costume, know that all the details count. And this is true from head to toe. Japanese socks Tabi have their important because it is the first clothing accessory to put on when dressing with a Japanese kimono. Tabi has the particularity of having a split end that separates the big toe from the rest! They are good for blood circulation and fun to wear!

When to use a Japanese accessory ?

Japanese products and accessories are to be used during specific events such as:

Preparing your washoku cuisine: if you plan to prepare a delicious Japanese dish such as donburi, gyoza, ramen soup, maki, or sushi, there's nothing better than doing it the way a real Japanese person would. For this, you absolutely need to get a Japanese apron. They have the distinction of being of very good quality. All with a unique style...

The Tea Ceremony: to attend, we advise you to wear plain white socks for a traditional Japanese look in accordance with the respect of ancestral customs! These fashion accessories are worn as soon as Geta sandals are slipped on.

To prepare your Matcha, there is nothing better than authentic utensils to use as tea accessories! Use a tea box, teapot or traditional cups to follow the original preparation of the Japanese green tea!

On the streets of Harajuku: for a streetwear look worthy of Tokyo's famous men's and women's fashion district, opt for Tabi socks in floral prints or original, multicolored colors. They can also be worn with sneakers!

For birthdays and parties: furoshiki fabrics have been used for centuries in Japan to pack one's things thanks to a specific folding technique!

Japanese furoshiki help limit the waste of classic gift papers that are given in profusion during the holiday season! It's a Japanese gift idea that works well when given with a good bottle of wine or with a Japanese whiskey!

The Japanese patterns of the furoshiki are reminiscent of iconic symbols of Japan such as mount Fuji, sakura cherry blossoms or geometric designs wagara! To carry your groceries: this Japanese cloth has an international reputation because it has several advantages. It can be used to pack small dishes of Japanese cuisine prepared with love as part of a picnic or to eat lunch in a bento (Tupperware with compartments).

The Nippon furoshiki is used as a handbag for women and for men to carry groceries to the supermarket. No more overuse of plastic bags that are nauseating for the planet! Use it as a useful, eco-friendly, practical, and designed Japanese bag! What more could you ask for?

For an event: if you're attending a cosplay convention, a costume party or a matsuri festival, we recommend accessorizing your outfit! Because every detail counts. Don't hesitate to wear a pendant, earrings, or patchwork with a Japanese pattern!

For health: the Japanese fabric mask also known as masuku has become an indispensable fashion accessory today to protect against pollution, pollen, and certain contagious diseases. This cotton textile mask is also worn by Japanese people who wish to hide their identity.

This is especially the case for celebrities like Jpop stars. These indispensable accessories for everyday life are mixed with different fashion influences like kawaii style, Harajuku style, and streetwear fashion!