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Rely on this model of Japanese apron to concoct delicious meals to share with family or friends

The Japanese apron is the essential accessory for cooking. Easy to tie, resistant and ecological, it will accompany your cooking moments (ramen, miso soup, sushi...) and will add color to your plate!

The designs on this kitchen apron are varied. There is a lucky cat (Maneki Neko), kumo clouds that symbolize hope, tsurus birds that represent longevity, koi that refer to power, and fans for prosperity.

  • Materials: polyester, cotton and linen
  • Japanese designs: maneki neko, kumo, tsuru, koi and fan
  • Sizes: 66x47 cm for adults and 47x38 cm for children
  • Package: it comes with a linen/cotton apron

Go to our Japanese apron tutorial to find our advice and suggestions:


🍣 The long apron is multi-purpose: you can use it for gardening, crafts and even cleaning. It also has the advantage of being available in adult and child sizes: why not take advantage of it to share a convivial moment in the kitchen?

🍣 To maintain and maintain the brightness of the colors of this sleeveless apron , we advise you to opt for a program at 30°. Our tip? Add white vinegar and salt: these are indicated to keep the colors vibrant.

🍣 If you prefer sobriety, we recommend the white apron crossed at the back. It is equipped with a pocket on the front, very practical for putting your phone or utensils in.

🍣 We put at your disposal our selection of aprons inspired by the archipelago: you will find them in the collection of Japanese aprons . Do not hesitate to take a look at it, the Japanese pearl is necessarily there!

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