Japanese Cushion

Transform Your Space with Authentic Japanese Floor Cushions

Elevate your home's comfort and style with our exquisite collection of Japanese floor cushions. At KimuraKami, we specialize in authentic, high-quality Japanese cushion designs that blend traditional aesthetics with modern functionality. Perfect for creating a serene and inviting living space, our cushions offer both beauty and practical comfort.

Experience the Art of Japanese Seating

Our Japanese sitting cushion selection features a variety of styles, from minimalist to ornately patterned, each crafted to support your posture and enhance any room's decor. Ideal for use in living rooms, tea rooms, or meditation spaces, these cushions invite you to embrace the Japanese way of life, combining simplicity and elegance in every detail.

Comfort Meets Tradition in Our Japanese Chair Cushions

Enhance your dining or office chairs with our Japanese chair cushions. Designed for long-lasting comfort and durability, these cushions not only add an element of Japanese elegance but also provide excellent support, making every seating experience more enjoyable.

FAQ: Insights into Japanese Cushions

  • What are Japanese cushions called? Traditionally, general Japanese cushions are referred to as "zabuton."
  • What are Japanese seat cushions called? The seat-specific cushions are often called "zabuton" as well, which is more specifically a flat floor cushion used for sitting or kneeling.
  • What is a zabuton? A zabuton is a Japanese cushion mainly used for floor seating, commonly found in homes and temples.
  • What are Japanese pillows stuffed with? Traditional Japanese pillows are often filled with natural materials like buckwheat hulls.
  • What is a Zen cushion called? In Zen practice, the round floor cushions used for meditation are known as "zafu."
  • What is a Japanese couch called? A traditional Japanese couch-like seating is often referred to as a "zabuton couch," which is an extended floor cushion used for casual lounging.