This lucky cat is a Japanese maneki neko. It is the lucky cat that raises its left paw to attract luck and good fortune.
A large maneki neko lucky cat with a pair of glasses on its muzzle. The Japanese lucky cat has its left paw raised to attract good luck.
The hand-made maneki-neko lucky cata has its left paw raised.
A Japanese maneki neko packaging with traditional Japanese symbols and motifs printed on the cardboard

Japanese Maneki Neko

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Japanese Maneki Neko: Symbol of Fortune and Cultural Elegance

Decorate your home in a traditional Japanese atmosphere with the Japanese Maneki Neko Cat, adorned with Sensu fan motifs. They represent luck and prosperity in Japanese culture. This lucky cat is a powerful talisman that attracts good fortune with its raised left paw. It spreads positive energy throughout your living space.

The Maneki Neko, with its Sensu fans, unites beauty and symbolism. Sensu fans are often associated with prosperity and growth, as they open wide, symbolizing expansion and the welcoming of many opportunities and blessings.

  • Design: Maneki Neko made from quality ceramics
  • Functionality: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this figurine serves as a piggy bank, encouraging thrift while attracting positive energy and fortune.
  • Dimensions: 18 x 17 cm / 7 x 6.7 in
  • Painting: Durable, quality acrylic with hand finish
  • Packages: Includes a Maneki Neko lucky charm adorned with fans, a red cushion, cat glasses


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