Japanese Dragon Ring

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Wear your dragon ring in your left hand to pay tribute to the protective god: it symbolizes the love of others

The Japanese dragon depicted on this silver ring refers to strength, power and power. He is the master of the elements: water, earth, fire and air. His great wisdom makes him the protective god.

Made of solid silver, this Japanese dragon jewellery is ultra-resistant over time. It does not rust and does not oxidize provided you take minimal care of each other. Opt for this timeless, protective and authentic jewellery!

  • Ring Diameter : Adjustable
  • Composition : silver
  • Weight : 9.2 g

Below you will find our recommendations for wearing and keeping your dragon ring ...


⛩️ Silver doesn't like chemicals too much so avoid putting your silver ring in contact with them. No problem, however, if you put it in contact with water, it will not move!

⛩️ To maintain and maintain the shine of your Japanese jewellery, we advise you to clean it once a month: bath with soapy water, rinse and dry with a soft cloth

⛩️ If you want a calligraphic pattern ring , our kanji ring will fit you like a glove: it symbolizes Japanese writing characters in a fine and delicate traditional style

⛩️ To know which finger to wear your Japanese ring , here are some indications: the thumb represents parents, the index finger symbolizes direction, the middle finger is synonymous with power, the ring finger is reserved for the partner and the ear refers to children

⛩️ For even more Japanese jewelry choices, find all of our models and symbols inspired by Japanese folklore

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