Japanese Zen Garden Lantern
Japanese Zen Garden Lantern
Japanese Zen Garden Lantern

Japanese Zen Garden Lantern

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Hang this Japanese lantern in your zen garden for a festive and relaxed atmosphere

The Japanese lantern is more than just a lamp. Once used as a light fixture, it has survived the centuries. Today, it also represents a decorative object.

Inspired by Chinese lamps, this Japanese lamp has the advantage of being foldable. A positive point for storage. It is ideal both indoors and outdoors. And can be used as a hanging lamp, a summer lantern, a lampshade or even a string of lights.

The motifs represented on this Japanese lantern symbolize Japanese culinary art. And for good reason, we find these small objects of light in many streets of the archipelago. Most often hung from storefronts, they also have their place inside restaurants and sake bars in big cities.

Here are our tips for creating a real Zen garden with this Japanese light fixture :


💯 What could be better than a party or a birthday to bring out your Japanese decoration ? For the occasion, wear your most beautiful washi (rice) paper lamps and place a candle inside. Guaranteed subdued effect!

💯 To create a string of lights, it's simple and it will amaze your guests: all you have to do is bring a string and hang your paper lanterns at equal distances. Counts 2 to 3 lamps for a 5 meter wire. Also remember to put the candle in the light before hanging it and that's it.

💯 Compose your paper garland now with this sushi maki lantern . It will whet the appetite of gourmets and create a unique atmosphere in the fashion of Japan.

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