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Treat yourself to a pretty Japanese decoration with these Japanese cherry blossom lanterns

The Japanese lantern is an institution in Japan. In the past, it was only used to make light. Today, it has become a real decorative accessory. It is often seen hanging on store fronts.

Functional and aesthetic, the Japanese lamp is also very practical. Its folding accordion structure allows for optimized storage. It is made from rice paper, itself stretched over a horizontal spiral structure.

This red paper lamp has floral motifs. Sakura are cherry blossoms. They symbolize ephemeral beauty, renewal and evolution. Considered in Japan as a lucky charm, they even have a festival dedicated to them (the hanami).

Here are some suggestions for decorating your home with this Japanese light fixture :


💯 Enjoy a subdued ambience by using this pretty paper lantern . You can hang it on a pendant or use it as a lampshade. Opt for a candle or a light bulb. Washi paper will emit a soft light that does not attack the eyes.

💯 This Japanese lamp will be suitable both in your living room and in your kitchen. You can also hang it in your bedroom. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, we advise you to place one or two lanterns there for a superb zen garden.

💯 If you like kanjis and sakura flowers, go for the flower lamp . It will decorate your garden and your house with a nice Japanese touch.

💯 Find our selection of Japanese lanterns in the Japanese lantern collection. All you have to do is choose your favorite models inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun.

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