Oni mask demon

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  • Handmade mask inspired by Japanese antiquity
  • Size 6.9" (17cm) wide and 10.6" (27cm) high, adjustable
  • Fiberglass mask, finished with soft foam, and covered with silky fabric
  • Mask as tough as a HOCKEY mask, the eyes are covered with black steel plates
  • Mask to be used for Airsoft, by Cosplay fans or Halloween enthusiasts
  • Japanese oni are among us. Do you have the soul of this vengeful demon inside you?

    Legends and Japanese tales tell that demons are among us. These terrible, evil creatures are called Oni. They come to earth to spread Chaos over mankind. Brutal and savage, they have terrorized men since the dawn of time...

    Samurai warriors used this type of mask to face their enemies. Their goal was to, not only battle, but also terrify the other fighters.

    This traditional Japanese handcrafted mask has been inspired by myths based on these terrible creatures coming straight from  Yomi (hell in the Shinto religion)...

    Here are a few tips for wearing this mask:


    💯 This black oni mask is perfect for a lover of the land of the rising sun who would like a beautiful Japanese decoration full of mystery and history!

    💯 It is also an excellent choice for a disguise or cosplay costume. We advise you to wear men or women's kimono with black and gold patterns as to be color coordinated with your black and gold oni mask.

    💯 For those that are more fashionable, wanting to blend in with the the hipsters of the Harajuku district of Tokyo, we advise to wear it with Oversize clothes, like a Japanese sweater with a hood or a large t-shirt!

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