Oni mask face

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  • Handmade mask inspired by Japanese antiquity
  • Size 6.9" (17cm) wide and 10.6" (27cm) high, adjustable
  • Fiberglass mask, finished with soft foam, and covered with silky fabric
  • Mask as tough as a HOCKEY mask, the eyes are covered with black steel plates
  • Mask to be used for Airsoft, by Cosplay fans or Halloween enthusiasts
  • Legend says that the Oni mask face of a samurai is the reflection of his warrior soul

    Japanese society has a special relationship with the wearing of masks. Samurai warriors wore a war mask in order to scare their opponents. This terrifying oni mask represents the face of a Japanese demon filled with rage and baring sharp teeth.

    Japanese theater actors also wear masks to represent characters from Japanese folklore. There are several theater styles including Noh and Kabuki.

    When should you wear a traditional Japanese mask?

    Here's a quick tutorial on its use...


    💯 This mask is entirely made by hand. Plus, the craftsman in charge of your mask even thought of adding grids at eye level if you want to make a game of airsoft!

    💯 For a lover of the country of the rising sun, we advise you to hang this mask as a Japanese decoration on a wall in your living room, your bedroom, your office etc. ... Oni demons will always have an eye on you!

    💯 If you want to disguise yourself, we advise you to wear it with a ninja outfit or with a Japanese women's or men's kimono in order to flaunt a geisha or samurai style.

    💯 Finalize your Japanese cosplay piece with a pair of geta sandals, Japanese Tabi socks and a fake katana sword!

    💯 If you want a great look on instagram, add this mask to your wardrobe. We recommend you to wear it with a black hoodie or a dark oversized t-shirt...

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