Japanese Geisha Kimono Print
Japanese Geisha Kimono Print
Japanese Geisha Kimono Print

Japanese Geisha Kimono Print

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Bet on this Japanese print of a geisha kimono and dress up your interior in Japanese fashion

This work of art is inspired by Ukiyo-e : a method of wood engraving consisting of 4 steps: drawing, engraving, printing and editing. Born during the Edo period, this technique was gradually abandoned in favor of painting.

Among the various representations of the time, we find traditional themes: geishas , samurai, sumos or landscapes. Geishas, not to be confused with courtesans, are artists in the Land of the Rising Sun.

This Japanese canvas is part of a series of 4 paintings (quadriptych). It represents two geishas dressed in a traditional kimono. Art and fashion are very close and feed each other. The emblematic clothing of the archipelago was a sign of wealth and belonging to a well-to-do social class.

  • The package consists of a Japanese print replica
  • The design is printed on a cotton canvas that brings out the depth of the colors
  • The wall decoration is transported in cardboard packaging in the form of a tube for accident-free delivery

Here are some tips for a neat interior design :


💯 We invite you to choose a location at eye level, above the sofa or the furniture in the entrance for example. Remember to measure the dimensions before ordering the decorative canvas .

💯 The replica is not supplied with the frame. However, you can add one to add a traditional and authentic touch.

💯 This modern print is available in various sizes. It also has the advantage of being lighter and more manageable than a wood engraving .

💯 The canvas printing technique is ideal for bringing out colors without having reflections like you can see on photographic papers.

💯 If you are looking for a representation of geishas wearing the iconic garment of Japan, opt for the traditional geisha canvas . This suit is also considered to be a work of art.

💯 Take a look at our many canvases inspired by Ukiyo-e prints in our print collection Japanese that is full of traditional symbols.


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