A japanese couple is dressed with black gakuran jacket. The girl wear a japanese black skirt and the man wear a japanese black pant
Gakuran Jacket
Gakuran Jacket
This black japanese school uniform is a gakuran jacket for sale
A girl is dressed with a black japanese gakuran jacket. Cotton material. She also wears a short black japanese skirt
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Adopt this Japanese Gakuran jacket for men worn by the students of the archipelago during high school

The Japanese high school uniform is called Gakuran. It means student from the West. Gaku translates to student and Ran means West. This outfit has been worn by Japanese high school students since the early 1900s. It is also very often found in manga or in Japanese movies like Crow Zero.

Gakuran is the traditional Japanese uniform  It is composed of a navy blue cotton shirt and a buttoned suit jacket. The buttons on the jacket feature the emblem of the establishment. The bottom is black trousers with a belt, also black.

Do you know the tradition of the second button? Inspired by a novel by Taijun Takeda, Japanese students declare their love by offering the second button of their jacket (it is the button closest to the heart). And you, who will you give your second button to?

  • Package: uniform jacket
  • Material: high-quality polyester fibres
  • Cut: straight


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