Sensu Bento Box - Double
Sensu Bento Box - Double

Sensu Bento Box - Double

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Add color to your bento lunch box with this sensu red pattern

Are you looking for an alternative to fast food, which is not always dietary by the way? The lunch box is the perfect compromise. You can put food that you have prepared yourself or put your freshly purchased sushi in it. Preservation guaranteed!

This 2-tier bento box can hold a complete and varied meal. It is ideal for transporting a meal with ease and without hindrance. The compartments will allow you to separate your starter from your dessert. Everything is airtight and preserves heat and freshness.

  • Japanese wooden bento
  • Dimensions: 19 x 10 x 9.8 cm
  • Package includes bento box, cloth bag, pair of chopsticks, fork, spoon and case for storing


Here are our suggestions for taking advantage of the Japanese bento :

💯 Big cravings or little hunger, the bento box adapts to all appetites. In general, the container of a lunch for women is estimated to be 700 ml compared to 900 ml for a man.

💯 The lunch box keeps food at the right temperature but it cannot be put in the microwave. Opt for a plate or bowl that is not made of wood.

💯 Japanese meals are often complete, balanced, and healthy. To keep the right proportions, make up your breakfast with 40% starch, 30% protein, 20% vegetables and 10% fruit (or dessert).

💯 Convinced by the practicality of this pretty wooden bento box ? Give one to a friend! To do this, you can go to our bento collection and browse all our models before making your choice.


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