Maneki Neko Bento Box
Maneki Neko Bento Box

Maneki Neko Bento Box

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This Japanese bento box will be perfect for cooking up healthy lunch breaks.

During the Showa period, traditionally wooden bento boxes gave way to plastic bento boxes . Why? Because local shops and takeaway restaurants have become the norm. To return to more responsible consumption, Japanese wooden boxes are the preferred option.

This light wooden lunch box has the advantage of being stackable. Composed of a single tray and a double tray, it is ideal for a complete meal including a starter, a main course and a dessert. Its maneki neko patterns symbolize the famous Japanese lucky cat.

  • Light wooden bento box
  • Dimensions: 19 x 10 x 9.8 cm
  • The package contains a fabric bag and matching cutlery case, a bento box as well as chopsticks, a spoon and a fork


Here are our tips for daily use of the bento box :

💯 Adapt the bento and the amount of food to your level of hunger and appetite. To give you an idea, a woman consumes the equivalent of a 700ml container compared to 900ml for a man.

💯 The lunch box is designed to keep food at room temperature (however, we do not recommend microwaving). Its hermetic closure system will save you a lot of disappointment.

💯 For a perfectly balanced breakfast, we recommend that you include in your lunch box : starch, protein, vegetables and fruits. So, you'll be energized for the afternoon!

💯 Running out of inspiration for a birthday gift? The idea is all found with our Japanese boxes ! Find all our models in the bento collection. We are sure that you will find the pearl there!


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