Nami Bento Box Light Wood
Nami Bento Box Light Wood

Nami Bento Box Light Wood

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This Japanese bento box is ideal for making good homemade dishes

The bento box has many advantages. It allows you to build a balanced meal: whether you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, start a diet or monitor your diet in case of diabetes, for example. It also makes it possible to save money and reduce the ecological impact.

This Japanese bento box comes with small fabric bags for easy transport. They are printed with a pattern called “nami”. Translated as “waves”, they symbolize the gods of the seas. They were found on the armors of the warriors where they represented the enemies that surged like waves.

  • Light wooden bento box
  • Dimensions: 19 x 10 x 9.8 cm
  • The package contains a bento box, cutlery (chopsticks, fork and spoon), a cloth bag for the bento and a matching case for the cutlery


Here are our tips for daily use of the Japanese bento box :

💯 Its container and compartments allow the bento to adjust the ideal amount of food according to your appetite and your hunger. In principle, a woman consumes the equivalent of 700 ml while men need around 900 ml.

💯 The lunch box has an airtight seal and a strap to ensure hassle-free transport. It also keeps food at the right temperature. However, be careful not to put it in the microwave.

💯 Do you know the proportions of a balanced breakfast? You will need starch (40%), protein (30%), vegetables (20%) and fruits (10%) in your lunch box . Bon Appetit!

💯 To treat yourself or to give an original gift to a loved one, we advise you to go to our bento collection. You will find single, double, light wood or dark, with different compartment systems. Happy shopping!


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