Japanese temporary tattoo
Japanese temporary tattoo

Japanese Temporary Tattoo

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The Japanese temporary tattoo symbolizes the demon Oni Hannya. A Hannya tattoo means a desire for revenge.

In Japanese tales and legends, this Japanese demon represents a woman who is consumed by jealousy and revenge. This Japanese monster is so popular that there is also a Hannya mask with its effigy in the Naruto manga or in Japanese plays.

This Japanese temporary tattoo is ideal if you want a first Irezumi tattoo. Irezumi means the traditional art of Japanese tattooing. Many Yakuza tattoos sport this authentic and painful style (bamboo realization). The Irezumi style is inspired by Japanese folklore: demon oni, kitsune, kappa, tengu and other kami of all kinds.

Thanks to this temporary Japanese tattoo, no pain during the realization and it is also the guarantee of a unique style straight from the land of the rising sun!

  • Dimensions: 48 x 34 cm
  • Hypoallergenic: the Japanese tattoo uses a glue of natural origin
  • Japanese Style: A vengeful Demon Hannya


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