Fox Kitsune Mask

Fox Kitsune Mask

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  • Design with traditional Japanese symbols
  • Hand-painted mask by our craftsman
  • Choosing a quality and durable acrylic paint
  • 9 x 5.9" (23 x 15cm) adult size
  • Smooth Pvc mask and elastane cord so that the Japanese mask can be worn by everyone
  • This Japanese fox kitsune mask is ideal for honoring kami deities during matsuri (a Japanese festival)

    The cherry blossoms (sakura) on this mask are symbolic of the fox spirit or kitsune. Cherry blossoms are emblematic of Japan. They announce the beginning of spring and the school year.

    This famous flower from the land of the rising sun is synonymous with gentleness and kindness. It also represents ephemeral beauty.


    💯 Wear this artisanal and unique kitsune mask to look like a traditional, beautiful Japanese person in all important Japanese festivals. You can use it as many times as you want without fear that the quality will deteriorate.

    💯 Wear this mask with a traditional Japanese outfit so that you may look like a samurai or geisha from the land of the rising sun.

    💯 Our craftsman uses ultra-resistant acrylic paint. This traditional mask has the added advantage of adapting to all sizes with its elastane cord! A real jewel.


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