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Hannya is the demon of vengeance. Wear this Japanese oni mask to terrorize the souls of your enemies

This traditional Japanese mask was made by a talented craftsman. The quality of work is high, making it comfortable to wear and ultra resistant(Airsoft Friendly). This traditional mask can also be used as a Japanese decoration to add an authentic Japanese touch to your interior...

In Japanese folklore, the hannya demon is the result of an excess of love and revenge. The traditional Japanese hannya mask is often used within plays and manga. This vengeful Japanese spirit may possess your body if you dare to wear it.

Samurai in the Edo period used to wear these masks to scare their enemies. Oni demons symbolized their murderous warrior soul...


💯 This oni mask is an excellent choice for if you want to finalize a costume cosplay. For a demonic samurai look, we suggest you wear it with a black Japanese kimono, or a dark court haori Japanese jacket with geta sandals and white Tabi socks. Most importantly, you would need your fake Japanese katana.

💯 For a Japanese streetwear look, we advise you to wear large japanese clothes, like a hoodie or an oversize T-shirt with cargo pants! If you want to add this mask to a streetwear look, make sure the clothing is color coordinated!

💯 Finally to take part in a fancy dress or halloween party, the mask is perfect to symbolize the Japanese culture!

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