Japanese Sukajan Bomber Jacket

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Surfing the Kanagawa wave with this Japanese Sukajan Bomber Jacket: a true emblem of the Japanese rebellion

Bomber jackets are an iconic garment of the Bosozoku: a clan of young bikers and motorists that were very present in the 1970s and 1980s. Wearing this sukajan jacket was a strong sign of belonging to this gang.

The pattern at the bottom of this aviator jacket represents the great wave of Kanagawa. It refers to the famous Japanese print made by the artist HokuSai. He is a painter, a draftsman and an engraver, specialized in art called Ukiyo-e: the art of the floating world.

The rebellion movement led by the Bosozoku has strongly inspired fashion and streetwear all over the world. This disruptive style even made its appearance in the big catwalks of Prada and Burberry!


  • 💯 These patterns are hand-embroidered for a shiny and resistant finish. Also, the jacket is reversible!
  • 💯 You can also choose our phoenix sukajan jacket: it is often represented on gang tattoos and symbolizes fire, fidelity and justice
  • 💯 Avoid going out with your bomber jacket in the rain
  • 💯 If you're not sure on what to pair this Japanese sukajan, we suggest you go for an urban style. Slim jeans, loose T-shirt, hoodie and sneakers will do the trick!

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