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Geta Ama, Japanese sandals with a thousand virtues

These pretty wooden sandals are part of the traditional dress outfits of the land of the rising sun. They were inspired by the outfits of the legendary Samurai. They look like raised flip flops with teeth to avoid dirty kimono.

The inhabitants of the Japanese archipelago love to wear these Japanese shoes because they have many virtues. These Geta Ama allow you to have good posture and balance. They are also effective in relieving back problems.

A few tips to adopt a traditional or modern Japanese look ...

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💯 For a traditional Japanese outfit , do not hesitate to wear sandals with yukata. For the lanyard, choose a color suitable for the belt

💯 To wear these sandals properly, adjust them to your feet by pulling on the strap.

💯 If you wear traditional clothes, you need to choose your Japanese Geta Ama sandals with a size above what you're used to wearing. Indeed, the platforms must protrude 1 cm from your heels.

💯 We have selected models of Japanese Geta sandals for you. Do not hesitate to take a look at it if you want to have all the colors in your wardrobe...

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