A man in Japanese martial arts and black hakama pants garb holds a wooden katana in his hand.
The black hakama pants is worn for Japanese martial arts
Black Hakama

Black Hakama

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Equip yourself with the Black Hakama, essential for Aikido and Kendo. A must-have for Japanese martial artists

Hakama pants are a must-have for all Japanese martial artists, designed for those who are serious about Budo. Whether you practice Aikido, Kendo or other disciplines, these black Japanese hakama pants offer both the dignity and functionality required in the dojo.

The Kendo Hakama has been designed for demanding practitioners, offering exceptional durability and a cut that facilitates the fast, precise movements essential in the art of Kendo. Made from durable, comfortable fabrics, the Aikido Hakama ensures optimum freedom of movement while maintaining its shape and elegance, even after many training sessions.

These Hakama pants embody the tradition of Japanese martial arts, with their deep black color symbolizing seriousness and respect in practice. They are the uniform of choice for demonstrations, competitions and traditional Japanese ceremonies. For a complete outfit, team up with a Keikogi too!

  • Material: cotton
  • Package: contains one Japanese martial arts hakama
  • Consult the size guide below to order the right traditional Hakama for your height and hip size.

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