Cross Back Apron

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Is the apron crossed back? A must when it comes to Japanese culinary art...

Whether you're preparing ramen, sushi or miso soup, this double-breasted apron is ideal for making all types of dishes. Made of linen, its loose fit is very comfortable.

The crossed straps in the shape of an X give a unique and worked style to this pretty piece of kitchen clothing . They are also used to relieve neck pain thanks to the weight distributed over the shoulders.

  • Material: linen
  • Japanese pattern: navy
  • Size: one size
  • Package: it includes a long linen apron

To find out more about its use and maintenance, we invite you to visit the Japanese apron tutorial below:


🍣 Adopt this sleeveless apron for all your household tasks: cooking, gardening, DIY... A true all-in-one, this accessory will follow you everywhere!

🍣 Clean this long linen apron by rotating a program at 40° maximum. Be sure to use mild, natural detergent to prevent stains and discolouration. You won't need to iron it, but we recommend using starch to smooth it.

🍣 Want to discover other models? See you in our collection of Japanese aprons . You will find a wide variety of cuts and colors: half aprons, long aprons , sleeveless, plain, patterned... All you have to do is make your choice.

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