Japanese Koi Carp Wand
Japanese Koi Carp Wand
Japanese Koi Carp Wand
Japanese Koi Carp Wand

Japanese Koi Carp Wand

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Adopt this pair of personalized Japanese chopsticks with koi carp motif

Japanese chopsticks are the essential cooking utensil in the land of the rising sun. Their origin dates back to the 7th century. They are also called “hashi."Widely used in Japan, their use extends even to a third of the world's population. That said, this trend has been on the decline since the end of the Second World War and the Westernization of the countries of the East.

The top of these wooden sticks is decorated with a pattern typical of the archipelago: the koi carp. This freshwater fish symbolizes power because, in Japanese legend, it is able to go up rivers. The carp pattern is widely used in Irezumi traditional tattoo art. It represents success and sometimes also virility.

  • The package consists of 5 pairs of traditional chopsticks
  • Japanese chopsticks are made from natural bamboo wood
  • Size: 22.5 cm

Here are some tips for making the best use of these Japanese cutlery

🥢 If you've never used bamboo chopsticks for an Asian meal, follow our two-step method: place the first chopstick between the palm of your hand (at the base of your thumb) and your ring finger making sure to leave it still. The second stick is removable, is deposited in the hollow and between the middle and ring fingers to be able to pinch food.

🥢 Culturally speaking, the use of Asian chopsticks follows several codes to know and apply such as holding them with your left hand, not planting them in a dish or worse, in rice, not licking them and using a chopstick rest rather than putting them on the table.

🥢 If you don't want to seem rude, we don't recommend pointing someone with Japanese chopsticks and recommend using a spoon if you want to transfer some of your food to another plate.

🥢 Are you curious and want to discover our complete range of Japanese chopsticks ? See you in our collection!


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