Demon Japanese Mask

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  • Handmade mask inspired by Japanese antiquity
  • Size 6.9" (17cm) wide and 10.6" (27cm) high, adjustable
  • Fiberglass mask, finished with soft foam, and covered with silky fabric
  • Mask as tough as a HOCKEY mask, the eyes are covered with black steel plates
  • Mask to be used for Airsoft, by Cosplay fans or Halloween enthusiasts
  • Demon and Japanese Mask: the winning combo to win

    This type of mask was worn by the samurai and Shinobis to conceal their true identity, take their opponents by surprise and scare them with a oni demon mask.

    The oni demon is particularly feared in Japanese culture: they are evil supernatural creatures descended to Earth to torment humans. They can take the form of ogres, trolls or monsters.

    Handmade by our craftsman, this mask keeps the codes of traditional models. Its manufacture respects ancestral know-how .

    oni mask japan

    💯 Perfect for a cosplay costume , this terrifying mask will be the must-have accessory to a feudal Japan era samurai outfit.

    💯 You can also use this traditional mask as an object of decoration and give your living room a unique and authentic Japanese atmosphere!

    💯 For a model in the colors of the Japanese demon , look at this Japanese red mask : some demons are known to have the skin of this color.

    💯 This Japanese mask is available in one size to suit everyone.

    💯 Come and take a tour in our collection of Japanese mask : it offers a wide range of fabric masks , masks festival, theater no or samurai warrior!

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