Demon Slayer Mask
The demon slayer fox mask has red led lights. Wear it if you like Tanjiro Kamado

Demon Slayer Mask

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Wear this demon slayer mask to ward off demons

Kamado is a member of the Demon Slayer Army. His master Sakonji, Pillar of Water, taught him the Water Breath technique. Tanjiro Kamado mask has eyes, ears and red spots near the mouth. It also has a scar at the top left of its face. But the protective virtues of his anti-mon mask allow him to continue fighting. 

For a Kamado cosplay, wear a haori jacket with turquoise-green and black check patterns, a white dress, black pants, white bands around the calves, a blue charcoal and white and red flower earrings.

What does the Japanese kitsune mask mean?

In Shinto, the kitsune represents a fox. A messenger of Inari deity, it is the protector of fertility, agriculture and rice. A true symbol of wealth, its representation appeared in statues of its likeness in front of Inari shrines. The kitsune then became an artistic symbol in Japanese pop, manga and anime.

  • Design: Manga mask
  • Dimension: 19.6 x 21.6 in / 50 x 55 cm
  • Mask with leds (no battery included)
  • Package containing a Demon Slayer mask and the control box for the light

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