Geta Dragon Ball

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Are you looking for the 7 crystal balls? Think about taking your Dragon ball sandals for your new adventure...

Japanese wooden sandals are often worn by manga characters. This pair of traditional shoes from the land of the rising sun was worn by Samurai warriors but also by the splendid Geisha artists .

These Japanese sandals are worn with a kimono dress or Japanese trousers.

  • Size: from 35 to 46 (depending on stock available)
  • They are worn by both women and men.
  • The geta has a height of 5,5cm
  • The “dai”: body of the sandals is made of solid and lightweight wood
  • The “hanao”: the strap for wearing the “geta” is made of thick cotton for added comfort. The design is floral or homogeneous for a unique Japanese style
  • Anti-slip rubber coating has been added to the sole to prevent slipping

japanese wooden-sandals-tuto-sandals

💯 These are Japanese sizes, we recommend taking one size above your normal size ⛩️

💯 The geta can be worn barefoot or with Japanese socks (tabi), they offer incredible comfort with a wide selection of Japanese creative designs

💯 For more choice in terms of Japanese designs or pair of sandals style, feel free to take a look at our Japanese Geta collection. We offer wooden sandals with sakura, dragon, seigaiha etc...

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