Fox Mask Halloween

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Wear this traditional Japanese fox mask and pay tribute to the kami gods

The kitsune is a fox god. It comes from ancient Japanese tradition and folklore. This fantastic and mythological spirit comes from Shinto religion and remains very present in current Japanese culture.

He has divine powers that increase with age and wisdom. It is said of him that he is the messenger of Inari, the Shintoist goddess of rice and fertility: a vital role to say the least!

Here is some advice for a traditional Japanese style that includes this white mask with Japanese patterns...


πŸ’― At the beginning of the holidays or for a birthday, this authentic kitsune mask will delight all the admirers of the land of the rising sun. It's a great gift idea for anyone!

πŸ’― This traditional mask is hand-painted, making it a unique object.

πŸ’― Acrylic paint is a guarantee of quality and long life. The mask is finished with an elastic cord that fits all faces.

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