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Rokusyaku Fundoshi: the traditional undergarment that turned into party wear

Ready to step into the shoes of a 1900s Japanese and try on the fundoshi? This loincloth tied around the waist and crotch was a vintage Japanese undergarment that can still be found at traditional Japanese parties today! 

These festivals are great for finding different versions of the Japanese underwear: simple, traditional, modern, thong effect, for women... Get this simple as well as traditional pattern now!

  • Material: cotton
  • Dimensions: 280 cm x 20 cm
  • Color: white

Here are our tips for tying the traditional Japanese fundoshi in 2 steps:

🇯🇵 Start by draping the fabric over the shoulder. Next, pull it under the legs and wrap it around the waist. Twist and tie the loincloth to the side.

🇯🇵 Pass the end of the fundoshi (panel normally worn hanging in front) around the back vertical segment, then horizontal, and finally tuck the end to the side.vyou are finally ready to try it on for real! 

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