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Wear these Japanese Geta to have the look of the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun

These pretty Japanese wooden sandals look elegant and chic. These Geta Fashion are suitable for Japanese fashion bites. They are made of varnished wood. They are beautifully decorated with straps made of soft and silky fabrics.

You can adopt these women's geta to have an authentic Japanese style. You can wear them daily with modern Japanese outfits

Our tips to help you adopt a true Japanese style ...

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💯 Use the straps to adjust the sandals to your waist.

💯 Match the color of the Hanao with the rest the outfit allows you to have a stylish and very Japanese effect.

💯 It is better to opt for sandals that are much larger than your actual size.

💯 We have selected a collection of Japanese Geta in different colors and sizes. Don't hesitate to take a look to complete your Japanese wardrobe .

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