Geta Tadaima

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Adopts a perfect Japanese look with these geta tadaima

Historically, these geta sandals are worn in the land of the rising sun with a silk kimono. The soles are made of wood, raised with platforms located at the back. A thick fabric strap keeps them on the feet.

These Japanese sandals are very practical. They allow before getting height to prevent the bottom of the clothes from dragging on the floor. You can wear them during the big festivities (matsuri festivals) with traditional clothes or with Western outfits every day.

Discover our mini tutorial and tips for a successful Japanese look ...

how-wear-a-sandal-japanese tuto

💯 These wooden shoes can be worn barefoot. However, you can get tabi socks when it's cold.

💯 For a good foot support, you can pull the straps to adjust them.

💯 Whatever look you want to get (harajuku, traditional or kawaii), don't hesitate to match the color of the straps with that of your Japanese clothes .

💯 Think about browsing our selection of Japanese Geta and find the pair of traditional wooden sandals to fit your outfit.

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