Japanese Tsushima Mask

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  • Mempo Samurai Mask
  • Mask approximately 6.7" (17cm) wide and 4.9" (12.5cm) high, adjustable
  • Samurai mask made of resin base
  • It is equally suitable for Mangakas, Cosplay fans, Halloween enthusiasts or Tsushima fans
  • The Japanese Tsushima mask is worn by jin. It is a demon half mask oni worn by samurai 👹

    The Japanese warriors wore an oni mask to frighten other fighters on the battlefield. Wear yourself with a katana, your Japanese armor and this Yokai mask (Japanese demon) to plunge bodies and souls into the Edo era and the samurai bushido!

    oni mask japan

    Here are some tips to wear your samurai mask :

    💯 Know that this is the perfect accessory to decorate your room or to adopt an authentic Japanese style if you're a fan of the Games!

    💯 If you like Japanese design and want to wear it with a streetwear style, don't hesitate to wear it with a Retro Japanese style. Fashionistas in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood love the mix of genres. This will give you a yakuza look! You can also wear it with a black hoodie with a hoodie or a wide Japanese t-shirt...

    💯 If you want a cosplay ninja outfit, wear this ninja mask with a black suit...

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