Oni mask gold

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This Japanese Komainu mask looks like the Chinese deity known as Fu do πŸ‘Ή

The komainu is a Japanese mythical creature that symbolizes stability and health. In Japanese shrines, this creature is often represented by two separate entities. These divine animals have the mission to protect places of worship from evil spirits like Oni (Japanese demon), or Yurei (Japanese ghost)...

Komainu are often confused with Chinese Fu Do.

This traditional Japanese mask is called a Mempo mask. It was the half-and-half type mask worn by the samurai of feudal Japan in wartime. This demon mask protected their faces and terrified their enemies!

Here are our recommendations for how to properly wear this Japanese warrior mask:


πŸ’― To wear this traditional Japanese mask like a real samurai, we advise you to wear it with a full set of samurai or geisha clothing: a Japanese haori jacket, a kimono, an Obi belt and wooden tap dance shoes

πŸ’― Whether it's for a Halloween party, or an event regarding Japan, the sharp teeth of this handmade mask will terrify everyone

πŸ’― If you want a Japanese Harajuku style of streetwear, wear this mask with oversized Japanese clothes like a hoodie or a Sukajan bomber jacket

πŸ’― To create an authentic and unique Japanese atmosphere in your room, hang your mask that represents the Fu do spirit on your wall or put it on a shelf as an authentic Japanese decoration...

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