A Japanese martial artist is dressed in a blue men hakama. His equipment consists of a white keikogi and a wooden shinai katana.
A Kendo practitioner is wearing mens hakama pants. He holds a shinai in his hand. He is dressed in a white keikogi.
Hakama aikido are a traditional Japanese garment for martial artists.
A hakama pants men and keikogi set for practicing Japanese martial arts
this keikogi men is white color and cotton material quality for practicing japanese martial art as Kendo, iado, aikido

Hakama Men

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Martial Art Set

Adopt the Hakama Men for superior martial arts practice. Perfect with a white keikogi

This hakama for men is designed for the dynamic movements of martial arts, offering sufficient fullness to execute each technique with precision and grace. With careful attention to detail, these hakama pants faithfully represent the spirit of Japanese warriors.

The five folds at the front of the kimono pants represent the five virtues of Bushido, the samurai code: sincerity, courage, benevolence, respect and honesty. By donning this Japanese men's hakama, you embody the virtues of Bushido in every movement. You reinforce your commitment to the martial arts not only physically, but also morally and spiritually...

  • 100% cotton, heavy-weight quality fabric
  • Traditional Japanese martial arts pants
  • Package does not contain Shinai (wooden katana)
  • Get a complete outfit by ordering the White Hakama and Keikogi set
  • Consult the size guide before ordering your martial arts pants!

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