Hanten Pineapple

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Opt for this fashionable and colorful Hanten coat, it will brighten all your looks, from the most classic to the most eccentric...

The Hanten coat is a Japanese winter jacket. It has been worn for hundreds of years by the inhabitants of the archipelago. The classic outfit was to put on the coat over a kimono or a yukata.

This Japanese jacket has a quilted cotton interior. This material keeps you warm while being breathable and comfortable. Some Japanese homes do not have central heating. So hanten can also be worn indoors.

The patterns printed on this yellow Japanese coat represent flowers and pineapples. These sweet fruits are grown in the Okinawa region. Their skin is so thin and supple that it is possible to peel it by hand and enjoy it everywhere: we call it Snack Pine!

  • Design : Japanese pineapple
  • Fit : men's straight
  • Material : cotton
  • Length : 80 cm/31.5 inch (available in sizes M and L)
  • Wash : machine (30°) or by hand, dry on a hanger


💯 The advantage of this Japanese coat is that you can wear it with traditional clothes such as kimono or with your everyday outfit: blue jeans, a cotton T-shirt and a thin jacket. It is a winter jacket that will give a Japanese touch to your look.

💯 If you are a fan of the streetwear style, we advise you to opt for skinny jeans, a loose T-shirt and a pair of sneakers with a reminder of the color yellow. You can also choose accessories like a cap, a banana and silver jewelry to go with this hanten .

💯 Ideal in all circumstances, the Hanten jacket will follow you everywhere. Japanese festival, party with friends, family lunch or dinner for two... It offers a style that is both traditional and modern, inspired by the land of the rising sun.

💯 To discover other models or to give one to a lover of Japan, we recommend that you go to our collection Hanten . Now all you have to do is adopt the Japanese coat of your choice!

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